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Values & Code of Conduct

Our mission is to gather remarkable people from all walks of life and foster a global community to improve the quality of our lives, our communities, and hopefully one day, the world.

We created this code to help guide how our values as an organization come to life, and the code of conduct we expect of our community.

To bring our mission to life we ask of our participants and members (both digitally and in person):

  • Assume the best intent: We understand that as a social gathering people may be nervous or dealing with their anxieties and insecurities. In addition, the diverse perspectives, cultures, values and interpretations of experiences held by attendees may not perfectly align with our own. As such we assume the best intent in their communications and actions. 

  • Contribute to the community: Our participants aren’t charged admission or fees to attend/participate, and speakers/performers/presenters are not paid. People participate for the joy of being part of a community and part of that is both contributing and being contributed to. We invite you to share your talents and knowledge, support speakers and members, and provide suggestions/constructive feedback. 

  • Celebrate the People:  As a community-based organization we prioritize the joy of gathering safely and respectfully, at times there will be unexpected interruptions (equipment break, delays occur, internet goes out, etc.) regardless of what technical issues might occur, connecting with people has always been the best part, so please don't worry — you are in good company.

  • If you see something problematic, say something specific: We aim to create a true sense of belonging; if there is something you notice that would prevent this, please let us know your specific concern. This will allow us to improve our programs and policies and gather people more effectively.

Inappropriate Behaviors

Meanwhile, these behaviors run opposed to our values and will not be tolerated

  • Sharing another person’s contact information, or personal/professional knowledge shared in confidence without their express consent.

  • Behaviors that are discriminatory of any sort, shape or way, and particularly homophobic, racist, or misogynic.

  • Any form of unwelcome or in inappropriate physical or verbal communication, including threats and derogatory language, or unwelcomed sexual advances of any kind. Please be respectful to all.

  • Intentionally disrupting the program or experience, e.g. belligerent drunkenness, heckling the presenter or speaker, hijacking a topic of conversation to promote an unrelated idea, or for promotion of products or services for personal gain, etc.

Any incident reported will be reviewed and could result in individuals being removed from participation and uninvited from future events. 

Event Content [Both digital and in person]

The mission of our salons is to bring ideas forward to allow for conversations to be catalyzed and explore the cultural zeitgeist. As such, those invited to participate understand that:

  1. The ideas shared may not align with your beliefs, and at times this is intentional as it allows us to explore new ideas and better understand others and their points of view. We cannot be inclusive or have an educated view without understanding differing perspectives.

  2. The presenter’s views are not those of the organization. But rather are essential to have a public discourse and healthy communication, preventing us from being in an echo chamber. 

  3. Talks are often new ideas/unrehearsed material that we are given the opportunity to exhibit/present with before they are made public. As such, we assume best intentions from the presenter.

Report an Issue

To report an incident, either one you observed or were involved in or observed, please fill out this form (you can submit anonymously below): 

This message will be delivered to the organization’s leadership and will be discussed with the advisors. 

Depending on the nature of the incident it could lead to:

  • Further conversation to understand the nature of the report

  • Warning or Banning of participant/s

  • Implementation of a new policy

We take the safety of our participants very seriously and will review every submission. 

Please note: We are a private organization that does not share its membership or advisory board, so we will not make public who is advising on the situation, but we can commit that we will make every effort to ensure that anyone directly involved in a report will recuse themselves.

Thanks for submitting!

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