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Inspired Culture: The Salon by Influencers

Modeled after the salons of the 17th century France, Inspired Culture's focus is to entertain and enlighten.  Since its inception, thousands of people across North America have enjoyed thought-provoking and inspiring talks, performances and interviews from hundreds of presenters. 

How It Works

A group of 60-100+ people enjoys cocktails and conversations followed by talks and performances by well-known speakers and entertainers. Presentations last 45 minutes to an hour, and after guests are free to mingle and discuss.


Amazing things happen at this master networker's New York apartment



How you create a captivating

digital event.

Inspired Culture: Digital Edition


How you create a captivating

digital event.

2020-12-28 09_53_57-Window.png

In the spirit of sheltering at home, Influencers has launched a digital edition, designed to bring people together, through games, ideas, and performances. 

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