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Influencers Membership

The commitment of the Influencers is to improve the lives of our members, their communities, and one day - the world. We believe that this kind of impact is not only a byproduct of our members being of diverse industries, but through diversity of people, gender, ethnicity, culture, etc. Only by bringing our unique experiences, perspectives and knowledge together, will we be able to both gain from and contribute to this community.

Once people have attended an Influencers Dinner, we consider them members.

We run events in 10 cities, 3 countries, and online. 

Events Include

There are no fees, our events are free, and at most we ask that guests contribute a bottle of something when attending.


You are invited to apply. Applications that come with a recommendation from an Alumni of the Influencers Dinner are considered more seriously. Note: This does NOT include guests who have attended Inspired Culture: The Salon by Influencers as people often confuse the two. 


The team that runs the Influencers does not select potential members. Instead, our Advisory Board has representatives from each industry that evaluate potential guests. Additionally, the current waiting list is very long. If selected, it could take a significant amount of time for someone to reach out.

Apply for Membership

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