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Who will be there?

We curate a diverse group of participants ranging from Nobel Laureates, Olympic medalists, celebrities, and artists, to industry leaders and students.

What will happen?

Guests have opportunities both to mingle in small breakout groups to meet/converse and are treated to interactive presentations by industry leaders and performances by well-known entertainers including comedians, musicians, Broadway stars, illusionists, etc.

Where are the links?

Once you have confirmed your attendance you will be sent a link and details to participate.

Can someone join me?

If they are in your home, they are welcome to join, but please be aware not all talks are appropriate for young children. If you would like to invite someone located elsewhere, please confirm with us as we cap the number of participants.

What is the appropriate attire?

Dress as you would like to be known. Its zoom, so if you aren’t wearing pants make sure not to stand up.

Is Inspired Culture the same as The Influencers Dinner?

No, The Influencers Dinners are intimate in-person meals for twelve. Inspired Culture focuses on conversations and presentations with a larger group mostly composed of dinner alumni. You are welcome to eat during the event, no one will care.

What should I do when I arrive?

We often start with breakout rooms for people to get to know each other, so please arrive on time. Everyone will be very friendly and interesting.

Is it rude if I need to show up late?

We wait for a critical number of community members to start, so please let us know ahead of time.

How do I update my contact information or remove myself from invitations?

In the confirmation email you were sent there is a link to update your communication prefrences


We expect that people be decent and respectful, as outlined in our Values & Code of Conduct.

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