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The Influencers Conference

It's finally happening, our first conference for Influencers Community Members. After 14 years and 700 events, it's time for us to gather, make friends, discover ideas, and see what's next. You can Apply Now to attend.

Details  -  3 Days & 3 nights

Location: Nyack, New York (1 hr +/-  from NYC airports)

Start: Thursday, Oct 24th at 5 pm 

End: Sunday, Oct 27th at 11 am 

What to Expect

Who Can Apply

All active Dinner Alumni, significant others, and family are invited to apply. We have room for about 50-100 members depending on family size. Yes, children are welcome to come. Can you think of anything better than having your children connect with the most brilliant minds in our culture?



Jon wishes he could afford to pay for it all but at this scale it is unrealistic. A portion of each ticket covers the participation cost of social activists/non-profit organizations. 

  • Adult Ticket: $3500 = $1700 Programing expenses + 1800 Food & Activities

  • Room Fees: We have negotiated discounted room rates if you are interested

  • Children's Tickets: Varies by age 

Space is limited 



What format will the conference take place in/Who will be speaking?

Like other Influencers' events content is community-generated. All attendees are invited to submit ideas for talks, interviews, activities, and presentations. There will be both mainstage ideas and plenty of breakout sessions so you can explore the topics you want.


I would like to attend, but work for a nonprofit, do you have discounts?

Yes, we have a limited number of tickets for people who have dedicated themselves to social impact. So feel free to Apply.


I have an idea I would like to share or an activity I would like to run with the group

Great, please mention that when you Apply to attend. 


I would like to gift attendees a product e.g. food, skincare, technology, etc.

Fantastic, we welcome any and all offers. Please email the concierge with the title “Conference Gifting” and we will have your offer reviewed by the committee. 

Apply Now
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