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Since its inception close to a decade ago, Influencers has grown from an experimental dinner and community of thousands of industry leaders and a behavioral-consulting group that works with the world’s top brands.

The Influencers Community

A gathering to entertain and enlighten us through talks, performances and interviews

An event designed for your 

company and tailored to your audience. 

Normally when a strange man invites me to dinner in a strange home, I decline. But I, like all of my dinner mates that evening, was inspired by Jon's unslakable curiosity about humans and how we form bonds. It is in the pursuit of those answers that Jon is able to set the table scientifically, mentally and, of course, literally, for strangers to engage in thoughtful, meaningful and in many cases, life altering conversations. - Iliza Sheleshinger

Very little of the incredible scientific research that academia has produced is applied to business. This is where we come in. We look at your specific objectives, key metrics, and intentions, and we apply the most relevant research for proven results.

Invite behavioral scientist and founder of the Influencers, Jon Levy, to share the latest research on human connection and how it could improve your business, company culture, the success of your causes, and even the lives of your friends and family. 

The greatest predictor of our success is who we're connected to, how much they trust us, and the sense of community that we share. Discover the science and stories behind the most successful companies and people, and how you can apply this knowledge in your life. 


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